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            A rainforested, mountainous island in the Andaman Sea, has some of Thailand’s most popular beaches, mainly situated along the clear waters of the western shore. The island is home to many high-end seaside resorts, spas, and restaurants. Phuket City, the capital, has old shophouses and busy markets. Patong, the main resort town, has many nightclubs, bars, and discos.

I've been to Phuket Island last 2017, the most beautiful island in Thailand, and I must say that there are lots of islands you must see and visit in that place.From Bangkok, it will take more than an hour to reach Phuket Internatinal Airport. A cheaper option would be to catch a bus and ferry from Phuket Bus Station Terminal 2, which takes around 7 hours You will be looking to pay between 450-600 baht ($10-15), ferry included. The whole journey usually takes 45-50 minutes from the port. There is no train service to or near to the Island of Koh Samui.

 Make a note of these Islands that I have visited so if you are planning to visit Phuket, don't miss the chance to drop and see these beautiful paradises.


- The original name is named pulao pi-ah pi that is Malay. This name means the mangrove wood which can be found on this island. Phi Phi Island or Koh Phi Phi is a group of islands in Krabi province which situated far from Phuket about 42 kilometers and from Krabi about 38 kilometers. They are consisting of six fantastic islands, Phi Phi Don, Phi Phi Lay, Biddah Nok, Biddah Nai, Yung, and Pai.
         - How to get there is pretty easy. There are basically two options: ferries and speedboats. The ferry ride will take between 1.5 and 2 hours. We have chosen the all-inclusive tours using speedboats and it took us to Phi Phi for just 30 minutes from Karabi. Yes, obviously speedboats are more expensive than the ferry, but it does give you flexibility in that you can start and end exactly where you want to visit. This saves you time in the long run.


-This small island is a good place for snorkeling. This is a great place for you to enjoy the beautiful coral reef and various fishes.A nice place to relax your mind and abstract from everyday busy life while laying  down in the white sandy beach, and satisfy your eyes with the beautiful scenery.


It is an amazing place to visit. This the most beautiful bay that has sheltered by 100 metre high cliffs on three sides. There are several beaches with white sand, colorful coral reefs and different kind  of fishes. This bay is very well-known after the filming of “The Beach” in 1999. 

You can visit these islands in just one day if you will book a tour package. They will pick and drop you off to your hotels or accommodation. Easy, safe and convenient.

Big Buddha

             The next day after visiting these islands, you can also enjoy the view from the top of Big Buddha. Big Buddha is one of the most important and revered landmarks on the island. The huge image sits on top of the Nakkerd Hills between Chalong and Kata and, at 45 metres tall, can be seen from as far away as Phuket Town and Karon Beach. Since it is a religious site, there is a dress code before entering the place, meaning you have to dress up conservatively. The best timing to visit is before 6:30 if you want to catch the sunset from one of Phuket's best spots.

Weekend Night Market

            Also known as the Naka Market, this place is perfect for shopping in Phuket if you do not wish to splurge. You can find fascinating second copies, pirated items, live animals and different kinds of local food. If you wish to have some remembrance from this City, you can also find some touristic souvenirs such as carvings and religious images. And even if you’re out of cash and do not want to buy anything, worry not and head here, as this Phuket market is still worth a visit. It is located along the Chao Fa West Road near the Central Festival Mall .

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