HOT POT BBQ Buffet for only AED 59

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Hot Pot is a traditional Chinese group meal where the center of the table has a sunken pot of two halves, one with a red curry (Spicy) and the other with a milky broth, both boiling hot. You are served platters of a variety of meats which are raw but slightly marinated and a selection of veges.

 Chinese and Korean Buffet is all over UAE now. Try a unique, yakiniku style dining experience at Hot Pot BBQ Buffet with a Korean BBQ Dinner Buffet including desserts and soft beverages for AED 59 per person. It is newly opened restaurant so got to tried with friends.

The food was very good and didn't leave you feeling overfull and miserable because it is light. I got the spicy broth and it was too much for me but they scooped out the hottest part and added more water so it was bearable to eat. The variety was great and the assortment of sauces and spices were fantastic. This is totally a buffet restaurant that you are responsible for your own choice.


  • Hot Pot BBQ Buffet menu  UNLIMITED 1) Hotpot Dishes 2) BBQ Dishes 3) Desserts 4) Pizza 5) Chinese Stir Fry 6) Fruits – AED 59 per person
  • Hot Pot BBQ Buffet – a yakiniku style restaurant located at the same building of Phoenix Plaza Hotel Apartments Airport Road Near Al Wahda Mall, Al Wahda, Abu Dhabi
  • Freshly prepared Korean meal is available from 12PM-12AM
  • The offer includes selection of marinated meat (beef,chicken and lamb), fish , squid  to grill, and desserts including soft beverages
  • You and your fellows (friends and family) sit around a grill built into your table top and cook the selection of food to your liking
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More Info

❌No Alcohol Available
✅Indoor Seating
✅Table booking recommended

                               HAPPINESS IS BEING WITH THEM😊

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