How to Verify and Activate - Google Adsense Pin

It's been 3 months since the last time I got approved from Adsense. And Finally, I was able to reach the 10 dollars threshold but it took me 2 months to receive the Adsense Pin due to unforeseen circumstances.

If you may ask, what is the process of getting the pin and activating it. I am going to walk you through the step by step process.

Let's start with the address. 

Once you reached the minimum threshold, Adsense will be asked you with the physical home address. Ensure that your P.O Box is correct. As I have said, make sure that you entered the exact details on your mailing address. Once this message appears on your Adsense page, Google will automatically prepare a pin and send it to your address.

ensure that the address and PO BOX is correct

Next is... 

Use the correct P.O BOX. You can use the P.O Box of the company that you are working for or the Public P.O BOX. Since I am residing in the UAE, I opt to choose the public P.O Box in Abu Dhabi which is 38384. Even it's public, I paid 16 dirhams.

Wait for some time...

Normal waiting time is 1 month for you to receive the Adsense Pin. In my case. I waited for another month as I went on vacation. And I have to repeat the process and requested for another pin.

Adsense Pin

It was sent via France

instruction is provided once you open the envelope

Activate the Adsense Pin

Once you received the Adsense Pin, you have to enter it to your Adsense dashboard. A click to action notification will appear.

Type the pin correctly...

Click the ''Submit Pin'' and wait for a couple of minutes. The red notification from the main dashboard of your Adsense Account will disappear.

That's it. And you are ready to start earning money and wait for your payout by the 21st of the month. Ensure that you reached the 100 dollars threshold. Payment is thru wire transfer or western union.

Thanks for reading my quick blog.

Stay safe! 💖

--Jessy 💖