Kim So Hyun confirmed to star in upcoming drama #CutToTheHeart, she will play Pyeonggang/Uhm Ga Jim who is born as a princess and raised to be a killer, together with Scarlet Heart Actor Kang Ha Neul.

this is expected to be broadcasted on 2021


A historical drama will be about the tragic love story between Princess Pyeonggang, who uses On Dal’s feelings to her advantage, and On Dal, who makes foolish sacrifices.
Pyeonggang is an ambitious person and dreams to be the first female Taewang of Gorguryeo but then she met On Dal. On Dal lives in a hut in the woods with his mother and has always been curious about the outside world. Pyeonggang teaches him martial arts as well as how to read and write.

Native Title: 마음에 베이다
  • Country: South Korea 
  • Type: Drama
  • Episodes: 1
  • Airs: 2021 - ?

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